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How a Community Art & Culture Center

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Elwood Decker (1903-1992)
Elwood Decker; American painter, filmmaker, author,composer, ecologist, Dunite, and devoteeof Eastern thought, lived and worked in California's San Luis Obispo County and was the last of the Dunites.

We feel privileged to have known him and called him a friend.

Plus, The History of the Dunites!

PDF copy of article, "Truth, Lies and Twinkies

Originally erected in 1993 at A Hole in The Sky's Excellent Center Gallery, in honor the Twinkie Defense, the Twinkie Arch has stood tall for over 20 years.
People have even been married under it!Type your paragraph here. Click
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The Dunites: Art, Culture, Mysticism and Sand Dunes!

Twinkies, Dunites, Cosmic Vortex ... Oh My!

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